George Carpenter
Born in 1755 in Germany, George served as a private in Captain Mathias Slaymaker's Company, First Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. George died on 16 September 1830, in Hyndman, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Eve Rose Baker.

Benjamin Clift
Born on 17 January 1749, Benjamin married Frances Peck. Benjamin was awarded land for providing horses for the Revolutionary War while living in Virginia. He died in Mason County, Kentucky, in 1831.

John Contee
Born in 1722 near Nottingham, Prince George's County, Maryland, John wed Margaret Snowden. On 6 June 1775, he was chosen as a delegate to represent Prince George's County, Maryland, and was one of the signers of the "Declaration of the Freemen of Maryland."

Daniel Curfman
Born circa 1744, Daniel served in Pennsylvania as a private under Captain John Miller and Captain Aquila Wiley, in the York County Militia. Daniel died on 11 February 1805 in Frederick County, Maryland. His first wife was named Catherina, and his second wife was a woman named Barbara.

George Dent
George was born in 1756 in Charles County, Maryland. He served as first lieutenant of the Third Battalion of the Flying Camp and St. Mary's County under Captain Thomas H. Marshall. George was also appointed as a captain in the Twenty-Sixth Battalion of the Maryland Militia in 1778. He served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 1782 to 1790. George married Anna Magruder Trueman, and died near Augusta, Georgia, on 2 December 1813.

Graves Eaves II
Born in 1724 in Northumberland County, Virginia, Graves married Nancy Yancy. The Rutherford Courthouse in North Carolina documents him supplying the patriots with material aid in the way of food.

Benjamin Fry, Senior
Born circa 1730, probably in Pennsylvania, Benjamin was married to Catherine Speers. He provided patriotic service in Virginia. Benjamin died in Shelby County, Kentucky, circa 1813.

Benjamin Fry, Junior
Born on 25 December 1758 in Frederick County, Virginia, Benjamin's first wife is believed to have been Ruth Courtwrite. His second wife was Nancy Ann Cadwalder. He served as a private in Pennsylvania. Benjamin died on 25 July 1838 in Iroquois County, Illinois.

James Hamner
Born circa 1729, James is a recognized patriot for civil service. He was appointed surveyor of a road in 1774, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. His wife's name was Sarah. James died on 14 December 1792, in Mecklenburg County.

Henry Hamner
Henry was born in Lunenburg County, Virginia, in 1759. He served as a private in Virginia. Henry was married to Sarah Decker, and he died on 2 January 1844.

James Kell
Born on 6 March 1760 in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, James was married to Lettice Kneal. He served in North Carolina in the Orange County Militia as a private and captain during the years 1778-1782. He fought in the Battles of Camden, Charlotte, and Lindley's Mill; and in several small skirmishes. James died on 22 February 1848 in Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia.

Lewis Lanier
Lewis was born in Duplin County, North Carolina, in 1753. He married a woman named Margaret. Lewis served as a cornet in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War, and died in 1792.

Adam Markley
Born circa 1752 in Germany, Adam married Mary Magdalena Dickensheet. He served in Maryland as a private. Adam is listed in the muster roll, dated 19 September 1776, of Captain George P. Keeport's Company of the First German Battalion, Continental Troops, commanded by Colonel Nicholas Husacker.

Thomas Mays
Thomas was born in England, Pennsylvania, in 1753. He fought as a private under Captain John McClure of South Carolina, as a mounted rifleman. Thomas fought in the Battle of Hanging Rock and the Battle of Camden. He was severely injured in the right arm and right side at Camden, and was eventually discharged because of his injuries. Thomas married Mary Hamilton, and died in Clarion, Pennsylvania, in 1830.

James McAfee
Born in 1736 in Ulster, Northern Ireland, James married Nancy Agnes Clark. He died on 25 June 1811, in Mercer County, Kentucky. James earned patriot status as a captain from Virginia in the Revolutionary War, and for civil service as a surveyor.

Robert McMillan
Born circa 1758 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Robert had three terms of service as a private under Captains Ephraim Blackburn and James McDowell in the Eighth Battalion of the Pennsylvania Militia, during the years 1776 and 1777. His wife was named Ellen/Eleanor Nellie.

Jacob Mechlin
Jacob was born on 27 February 1747 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and he wed Catherin Hittle. He served as Captain of the 6th Company of the 4th Battalion of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Jacob died ante 8 November 1824, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Dozier Thornton
Born in Lunenburg County, Virginia, on 14 April 1755, Dozier married Miss Lucy Elizabeth Hill. He served in North Carolina during the war, and died in Franklin County, Georgia, on 12 September 1843.

Reuben Vaughan
Reuben was born in October 1732 in Brunswick County, Virginia, and his wife was Elizabeth Ingram. He began his service as a captain in Jonathan Hanby's Company of the Virginia Militia. Reuben's commission was received from Patrick Henry, then Governor of Virginia. He is also credited with Patriotic Service as a Member of the Committee of Safety. On 8 May 1817, Reuben died in Powhatan County, Virginia.

Stephen Wood
Stephen was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, in 1731, and he was married to Bathesda Kibbe. He served in Massachusetts as a private in Captain Reuben Munn's Company which marched 22 April 1775, in response to the Lexington Alarm. This service was eight days. Stephen enlisted in the Hampshire County militia on 25 December 1776, with enlistment to expire 25 March 1777. A muster roll, dated 24 February 1777, shows them at Ticonderoga. Stephen re-enlisted in September 1777 for 30 days, and again in October 1779 for one month and ten days.

Mathias Zahm
Born circa 1735 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Mathias married a woman named Madlena. While living in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, he served as a private in Captain Henry Keit's 8th Class Militia. Mathias also took the Oath of Allegiance in 1778. He died in 1804 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.